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Connect Shopify and NetSuite today.
Fast, easy and with no additional software.
Powerful Integration that you Control
We've designed our Shopify-NetSuite ExtendApp to deliver powerful integration and synchronization capabilities. We've also made it impossibly easy. Integrate in minutes, and customize your workflows from within NetSuite without additional software or consulting spend.

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Order Management

All of the orders from all of your channels and stores are synchronized to NetSuite immediately as customers check out in Shopify


Shipping & fulfillment

Connect the power of NetSuite fulfillment with Shopify for all logistics. Track pick-pack-ship, automate customer notifications with tracking numbers and carrier details


Multiple Shopify stores

Connect all of your Shopify stores to a single NetSuite account at no additional cost


Payment & invoicing

Integrate POS and time of sale payments as well as post-fulfillment payments


Products & variations

Control products, pricing, variations, categories, tags, and other product attributes directly from within NetSuite


No Middleware

Connect Shopify with NetSuite quickly, customize the connection to fit your business and do it all without expensive integration middleware


Syncronized stock levels

Maintain synchronized stock levels all the the time without any additional steps


Cancellations & refunds

Control cancellations and refunds directly from NetSuite for better service and happier customers


Completely Flexible

Our Shopify SuiteApp was designed to be flexible. Our free SDK ensures fast, low-cost customizations to keep up with your changing business

Customization & Control without Middleware

Our Shopify-NetSuite app installs directly into your NetSuite environment in minutes and requires no additional configuration or setup
Other solutions require integration middleware that is expensive to keep up
Make powerful changes to the integration in minutes without expensive consultants
Use our ExtendSDK to complete more complex customizations to support your business
Stay NetSuite and Shopify upgrade ready. ExtendApps are always up-to-date and compliant


Each ExtendApp includes support and maintenance for all Shopify and NetSuite releases and upgrades

Ongoing Support & Upgrades
Access to customizations and SDK
Import Customers from Shopify to NetSuite
Import Sales Orders from Shopify to NetSuite
Push Fulfillments from NetSuite to Shopify
Push Inventory Levels from NetSuite to Shopify
Push Items from NetSuite to Shopify
Push Billing Information from NetSuite to Shopify
Push Order Cancellations from NetSuite to Shopify
Push Refunds from NetSuite to Shopify
Connect multiple Shopify Stores



billed annually

All upgrades, support and maintenance included

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Connect NetSuite to Shopify today.