We build NetSuite

We Build Exceptional Software For The NetSuite Platform.  

ExtendApps is a team of software design and development experts and consultants focused on creating, building and supporting applications that extend the NetSuite platform.


We build Custom Automation and Integration Solutions for your business needs. We also Transform your Products and Services into NetSuite Apps and Connectors that help you go to market quickly and with less risk.  


We’re enterprise application design specialists for the Oracle NetSuite platform. We specialize in building SuiteApps that help companies integrate and extend their products and services into the NetSuite application stack. We design and build intelligent and dependable applications around your products that unlock the value and market potential of your offerings in the NetSuite ecosystem. We get your apps certified, build a plan to help you go to market and quickly accelerate growth, and support your apps and users, long-term.

01 / Evaluate

You know business users love your product. You know NetSuite users will too. You understand the opportunity. Understanding how your offering fits, identifying the value and technology, and how to bring that to life to is more difficult. At ExtendApps, we have a wealth of experience helping companies identify the opportunity within the NetSuite ecosystem and clearly understand how their offerings can drive value. 

02 / Design

With a clear understanding of your product capabilities and technical outcomes, we develop the technical design, produce MVP prototypes and validate the user experience with you. With the concept proven and design decisions made, we develop the code, integrations, supporting NetSuite configurations and ready the NetSuite ‘SuiteBundle’ for final testing. 

03 / Deliver

We lead the final testing and preparations to ready your app for customer installs. If in progress, we support the 'Built-for-NetSuite' process. We support your team during customer deployments or manage installs for you. We draw on our experience to help your sales and marketing teams to define their sales strategy and identify opportunities. We continue to provide support and ensure you SuiteApp remains current and compliant with each NetSuite upgrade. 

  • Opportunity Assessment 

  • Market and Competitive Research

  • Business and Marketing Strategy

  • Evaluation of Technical Architecture and Approach

  • Product Concept and Capabilities

  • Technical Design Concept

  • Product Development (Build SuiteApp)

  • Information Architecture

  • Interactive Prototyping

  • Interaction and Visual Design

  • Software Development

  • End-to-end and Usability Testing

  • Built-for-NetSuite Readiness

  • Final Optimization

  • BFN Certification Preparation

  • Support Customer Deployments

  • Sales/Marketing Planning and Asset Production

  • Quality Assurance

  • Optimization and BFN Maintenance

  • Future Phase and Functionality Maps

NetSuite Suiteapp


There are many firsts when you build a NetSuite App: The first design and development process. The first testing and certification cycle. The first customer install (the first time you’ve seen that configuration). The first support request, the second, third, forth. The first NetSuite release and upgrade cycle. Then the first time you realize your developers might be better off working on your own product instead of learning NetSuite. 


Extend Apps provides complete takeover and management of your NetSuite app. From developing a product roadmap for future releases to handling your customer installs and support, we provide a turn-key approach to managing and maintaining your NetSuite app. 

01 / Assessment & Transition

During out initial assessment we focus on understanding the current state of the application. We work with your team to develop an understanding of the 'why' and 'how' the application was built. We learn what has worked well and what hasn't and we build on this understanding. We collaborate with our client to develop a product roadmap and define the highest ROI for future versions. From here we design, develop and prepare to manage the next version of your app. 

02 / App Installs & Support

A successful and fast installation of your NetSuite App is critical to building confidence and adoption within your customers and users. Aligned with your own onboarding timeline, we assess and prepare your client's NetSuite environment for the installation of your app. We make the necessary adjustments to the configuration of the NetSuite environment, install the bundle and providing admin and/or end-user training to your customer's team. 

03 / App Support & Maintenance

Our support services are designed to handle both issues arising from the App, and those stemming from user error. We offer a monthly support service designed to respond and engage quickly with customers, addressing issues with the app, their own NetSuite environment or end-user mishaps. Our service also covers preparation and testing for all NetSuite releases, and the support and upgrade requirements that follow.

  • A transition plan built to suit your needs

  • A process focused on understanding and building on what works

  • Code and technology review

  • Product definition and roadmap creation

  • Development and release planning

  • Tailored installation plan, documentation and approach

  • Our installation team integrates with your customer onboarding schedule for seamless installs

  • Manage and complete NetSuite environment preparation and configuration

  • Ability to support your customers directly on all NetSuite and App related issues 

  • Engaging end-user support

  • Triage issues and manage NetSuite bugs

  • Plan, test and execute App updates to remain compliant with NetSuite's biannual upgrades

  • Training for your team and customer teams to support adoption



We are a team of highly-experienced NetSuite consultants and developers specialized on the Oracle NetSuite platform. Our team is small and carefully selected to bring the skills and knowledge required to deliver the highest value consulting. We focus on delivering lean and effective solutions that deliver your desired business outcomes. Fast, capable and proven, our work is trusted by hundreds of NetSuite customers all over the world.

01 / Consulting

Our NetSuite consulting offering is flexible and tailored to our client’s needs. We are capable of delivering on tactical challenges as well as farther-reaching process design and transformation. We’ve built our approach on expertise gained through hundreds of successful NetSuite consulting projects.

02 / Team

Each member of our team has 10+ years of NetSuite consulting experience to draw on. This level of experience and know-how ensures we can focus on designing the strongest possible business processes rather than spending time on ‘trial-and-error’ configurations. Our team provides a wealth of experience on the platform and in your industry.

03 / Support

We offer high-touch and hands-on support for our clients’ NetSuite environments. We offer varied skillsets and the deep experience to handle virtually any support requirement. We structure NetSuite support programs according to our clients’ needs, and we offer an efficient request/response process and support and response windows that reflect our clients’ style of working. 

  • Strategic process design and tactical configuration requirements supported

  • Flexible approach enables project and retained consulting arrangements

  • Integrated consulting, development and training teams

  • Whitelabel options available

  • Only the most experienced and proven NetSuite experts

  • Management team has lead some 100s of NetSuite implementations and customizations

  • Industry best practices constantly maintained

  • Average 10-12 years direct NetSuite experience

  • Bespoke support arrangements built for each customer's unique needs

  • High-touch, fast response and dedicated resources

  • Efficient ticketing and tracking system

  • Customized SLAs to fit your needs



We are a team of expert software and integration designers and developers specialized on the Oracle NetSuite platform. We build based on specifications developed with your team and based on your needs. We focus on developing lean and extremely effective solutions that deliver your business outcomes. Significantly less expensive than integration platforms, easy to maintain and fast to deploy, our work is trusted by hundreds of NetSuite customers all over the world. 

01 / Integration

We design and build process, and data integrations connecting NetSuite and your other business systems and data sources. Our integrations are built to your specifications and can be developed and deployed quickly, without the cost of integration middleware platforms. Our integration solutions can range from the simple to the most complex and are always light, reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

02 / Automations

We’re custom automation design specialists. We develop and build custom solutions, workflows, and automations that extend NetSuite, make it more powerful and easier to use. We make intuitive user interfaces for end-users and light and robust code behind the scenes. We build for browser and mobile, for internal or customer-facing and on every Oracle NetSuite module.

03 / Support

Part of each integration or custom automation includes extensive testing and deployment into your environment lead by expert NetSuite consultants. Support is provided by the developers and consultants whom you have worked with during development. 

ExtendApps also provides turn-key support and upgrade options to meet your needs.

  • Support for any application or data source

  • Multiple connection methods supported

  • Workflow and automation designed

  • Integration design and data mapping services

  • No middleware required

  • Customizations for any NetSuite module (ERP/CRM/Ecom)

  • Fast & focused requirements development

  • Working proof-of-concepts provided

  • Extensive sandbox testing (customer hands-on)

  • Deployed by NetSuite configuration experts

  • Training, deployment, and support provided by senior NetSuite consultants

  • Hands-on support for your end-users

  • NetSuite upgrade support and readiness

  • Managed/turn-key support options

  • Best practices development



We are team of product designers, technology developers and marketing experts who have spent the last 15 years building and leading teams within the NetSuite ecosystem. Time and again we’ve been a part of creating value for software publishers and NetSuite customers through integrating products and services with the NetSuite platform. We are now completely focused on unlocking this value for our clients. 


We love to build things that achieve our intended outcomes. This guides how we approach each automation, integration, and SuiteApp project. We are completely focused on building solutions that are valuable, reliable and help our clients achieve their goals. We offer a minimalist approach that is cost-effective, fair and focused on results. 


Our services help reduce the risk of developing integrations, automations, and SuiteApps. Our experience and expertise paired with our straightforward approach makes for a fast and simple development process. Fair and transparent pricing and hundreds of successful engagements ensures your project will be delivered quickly and successfully. ExtendApps helps you get the results you need without taking your focus away from your core products and services.



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