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A Survey: How has Having a NetSuite SuiteApp Impacted Your Business?

We spoke to and surveyed 143 Software Companies that have built a NetSuite SuiteApp to integrate their offering to NetSuite. We asked them about their reasons for building an app, the process, and the results. This is what they said.

Who Responded?

We surveyed 143 organizations with NetSuite SuiteApps. Here's who responded:


SMEs with <$50m in Revenue 


Large Enterprise with $50M+ in Revenue







A Little Context.

The NetSuite Marketplace is made-up of organizations across multiple industries. They are cloud-first, invest heavily in software and they are ready to spend on optimization:

Marketplace Size

Total number of unique NetSuite customers in 2022:

32,000+  NetSuite Customers

What Was Your Motivation for Building a NetSuite App?

Here's how our respondents answered the question (Hint: It's all about acquiring new customers and growing their businesses.)





Clients & Prospects Requested NetSuite integration

NetSuite Invited/Requested they Join the Program

New Customer Acquistion Strategy


How Long Did it Take to Build the App?

The respondents estimated the entire SuiteApp build process proceeded along the following timelines:




Project Completed within 8 months

Project Completed within 6 months

Project Required more than 12 months to complete

Note: The average ExtendApps SuiteApp project requires between 4-6 months.

How Many New Customers Have You Acquired Via NetSuite Marketplace?

It's the #1 reason to invest in a NetSuite App. The vast majority of organizations that build NetSuite SuiteApps grow their customer base significantly:

Average New Customers Per Year

Average number of new customers acquired/won through the NetSuite Marketplace

22 Per Year*

*Average number of new customers acquired/won through the NetSuite Marketplace

Where Do Your NetSuite Leads Come From?

Being in the NetSuite SuiteApp marketplace has its advantages. While your app adds value to the NetSuite ecosystem, you see rewards:

68% of New Leads from NetSuite Direct Referrals

22% of New leads from NetSuite Partners

11% of New Leads from

Time to ROI on SuiteApp Investment

Once the investment was made, our respondents reported Return on their NetSuite SuiteApp investment along the following timelines.





ROI Inside of 6 months.

ROI Inside of 3 months.

ROI Inside of 12 months.

Have not yet achieved ROI.

How Do You Get Started? 

Applying to become a NetSuite SDN Partner is the first step, and we can help you with that. ExtendApps has designed, built and supported over 20 NetSuite Apps and we can help you too.

Total number of NetSuite SuiteApps built by ExtendApps

Over 20 NetSuite Apps built by ExtendApps

Learn more about how building a NetSuite App for the NetSuite Marketplace could be a part of growing you business. 

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