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Industry Old-Timers, Very Modern Software.

Our founders are a team of 3 NetSuite veteran designers, technology developers and marketing experts who have spent the last 20 years building and leading teams within the NetSuite ecosystem. Time and again we’ve been a part of creating value for software publishers and NetSuite customers through integrating products and services with the NetSuite platform. We are now completely focused on unlocking this value for our clients. 

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A Focused Team.

We love to build things that achieve our intended outcomes. This guides how we approach each automation, integration, and App project. We are completely focused on building solutions that are valuable, and reliable and help our clients achieve their goals. We offer a minimalist approach that is cost-effective, fair and focused on results. 

A Track record of Success.

Our services help reduce the risk of developing integrations, automation, and NetSuite SuiteApps. Our experience and expertise paired with our straightforward approach make for a fast and simple development process. Fair and transparent pricing and hundreds of successful engagements ensure your project will be delivered quickly and successfully.


ExtendApps helps you get the results you need without taking your focus away from your core products and services.

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